Vehicle Sub Chapter | Specification

RAV4 Safety Features


Designed to provide both a sense of openness and security, the RAV4 offers unmatched peace of mind for all your adventures.

RAV4 Performance Features


Feel your pulse rise as the RAV4 boldly leads you where the action is. It’s a dynamic driving experience that just keeps going.

RAV4 Comfort Features


Embrace the modern comfort of the RAV4, aesthetically filled with technology and thoughtful convenience features.

86 Safety Features


Explore the limits of thrill without sacrificing stability. Toyota 86 assures superior safety features for your driving pleasure.

86 Performance Features


Let Toyota 86 ignite your passion for driving. The ultra-low centre of gravity and powerful handling delivers a truly ground hugging driving experience.

86 Design Features


Stand out with the 86’s sleek silhouette design, further defined by its 2000GT-inspired window profile. Relish the modern, crisp lines and surfaces shaped with hand-formed elegance.

Previa Safety Features


You are in safe hands of the well-equipped Previa, which has the highest level of safety body in its class.

Previa Performance Features


Everything about the Previa is refined and responsive. Expect satisfyingly smooth driving with enhanced fuel economy.

Previa Comfort Features


Indulge in the elegance and comfort of the Previa. Experience a whole new level of convenience in this exceptional 7-seater.