Facts About Prius

Hybrid vehicles operate on regular gasoline like a conventional car.

Toyota Hybrid vehicles do not require charging or any special fuel, they operate the same as any other conventional car but with the added benefit of having an electric motor that helps with performance and fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Hybrid battery is designed to last the full life of the vehicle.

The on-board computer in a Hybrid vehicle ensures the hybrid battery never discharges completely; it maintains a state of charge for extended battery life and to ensure the battery maintains sufficient energy storage capacity throughout its life.

The battery in a Toyota Hybrid never has to be plugged in to be recharged.

The hybrid system automatically recharges the battery by generating electricity during driving. Its innovative regenerative braking system charges the battery by recovering energy that is usually lost during braking or deceleration and converting it into electricity. It does this automatically with no input required from the driver.

A Toyota Hybrid does not compromise in performance.

The gasoline engine in a Toyota Hybrid combines with an electric motor, to maximize acceleration from the second the accelerator is depressed. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system switches seamlessly between the gasoline engine and electric motor, using both together for added acceleration and power.

Toyota Hybrid vehicles are as reliable as conventional vehicles.

Toyota has invested decades of research and development into every one of its hybrid vehicles. Its Hybrid Synergy Drive system is proven and well established. It has been almost 18 years since the Prius first went on sale in Japan. Toyota has produced and sold more than eight million hybrid vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid vehicles are reliable in all weather conditions, Hot or Cold.

Toyota has conducted extensive testing to confirm the reliability of the Prius in a range of extreme temperatures. As with all cars, mileage will vary based on different temperatures, traffic conditions and your driving style.

Toyota Hyrbids are Fuel Efficient.

Toyota Hybrids deliver excellent fuel efficiency by intelligently combining the power from both the electric motor and petrol engine. The engine and motor stop when the vehicle stops saving as much fuel as possible.

Toyota Hyrbids are equipped with an electric air-conditioning system that keeps it powered independent of the engine.

Unlike most conventional gasoline-only vehicles that operate the air conditioning system only while the engine is running, This is particularly useful as it enables the air-conditioning to be used when stopped in traffic with the engine off.

Toyota Hybrid vehicle components do not take up any extra space

Interior space in a Toyota Hyrbid is equivalent to any other vehicle in its class – and often better. A focus has been to reduce the size and weight of components including the Hybrid Battery, Power Control Unit, Transaxle and Electric Motor.

Toyota Hyrbids are more enviromentally friendly than conventional cars.

Toyota hybrid vehicles have saved over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions globally since we first launched the hybrid vehicle in 1997. Hybrid batteries can even be dismantled and recycled or repurposed just like any other battery.

Toyota Hyrbids are quiet.

Since the Toyota Hybrid System relies on the electric motor from ignition right up to medium-speed driving, there is no petrol engine noise at all. Even when switching to the petrol engine power, the transition is so smooth you won’t even notice, and all vibration and noise is kept to a minimum.