Body and Paint Service centers

Body and Paint

At the vanguard of quality, every Toyota is a masterpiece of automotive artistry brought to life with human hands sensitive to the heartbeat of innovative technology. The Body and Paint team at the Toyota service centres are trained to ensure that vehicles are repaired to look as good as new, even after major accidents. The Express Body and Paint facility also repairs minor damage such as simple dents and scratches within two days.

General Accident Repairs 

Through our highest quality repairs, precision, craftsmanship and like new finish, medium to heavy damage (more than two panels damaged) to your car is not a concern. We ensure that your car still feels and functions just like it did when you first bought it.

As customer’s time is very important, the Body and Paint Service Centres speed up the insurance claim process through onsite support. All major insurance companies are represented at the Body and Paint Service Centres, where assessors are available for inspection, paperwork and approvals on site.