About Ebrahim K. Kanoo

Our History

A Proud Heritage and a Bright Future

Located in Bahrain, the family is best known for its extensive contribution to the national economy and for contributing to the business reputation of the Kingdom.

The founder, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo, who was born in 1920 when the automotive industry was still in its early days, set the foundation of the company and became a true business pioneer. By 1950 Ebrahim was firmly established as a leading importer of automobiles and automotives parts in Bahrain. Being one of the first businessmen in the region to recognise the enormous potential offered by the automotive industry, his early entrepreneurial success culminated in a partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation in 1967. This enabled him to establish firm foundations for his company, with an emphasis on customer care, which remains in place to this day. This early move meant that the Kanoo family was well positioned to exploit the advantages gained through Bahrain’s strategic location on an important crossroad for regional and global trade. This also allowed the family to extend its influence abroad internationally, including into the rest of the Middle East and into South Asia.

In 1974, Ebrahim’s sons, Mohamed and Fuad, assumed responsibility for the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the business, steering it into a new era and turning it into one of the most successful and prestigious automotive companies in the region. Applying proven principles of sincerity and dedication to customer service, Ebrahim K. Kanoo has successfully expanded into new business lines, developed its employees’ skills and expanded its customer base.

With firm foundations, solid local partners, and growing regional and international influence, the Kanoo family name has become synonymous with trust, service and reliability.